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Everything's so fragile, didn't you realise that?

࿋photography by tobaccoes.tumblr.com

Of all the right ways to love —
I’m here, and
I’m not here.

I fall in love easily,
with the breeze, with the rain,
with a sound.

I fall down easily,
shattering, secondarily,
in between faded

Of all the right ways to love —
I’m a wanderer,
with two feet off
the ground

then you said,
come home,
and I’m here again.

—  Two places at once, Rebacca G. (via fforyouu)

(via praises)

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I’m sorry that I’m both your umbrella and the rain.

—  Tablo (via homowrecked)

(via poemsofthequiet)

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()()() by Louis Hvejsel Bork on Flickr.



I reblog this everytime I see it, its so beautiful

uh, so relaxing


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I am hopelessly in love with a memory. An echo from another time, another place.

—  Michael Faudet (via atmosthetic)

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